Ptáčníková won the Prague Pole, created a new record for the meeting

Jiřina Ptáčníková won the Prague pole in a 472-cm record and ranked fifth in this year’s world tables. In Europe, it is currently third. Originally she did not want to jump in Prague, but she did not regret it. The race for the first time in twenty-four years of history has not been exhibiting and has had a regular competition.

Ptáčníková is currently the third dog in Europe. She did not want to jump originally in Prague, but she did not regret the canceled trip to Velenje in Slovenia. For the first time in the 24-year history, the race was not exhibiting and had a regular competition.The father and her boyfriend tried Baller as well as Ptáčníková on the Czech record, but none of them failed.

The Ptáčník already showed at the championship of the Republic in Pilsen that her form is growing. Thanks to the 463 cm jump, she received an invitation to the Diamond League meeting in Paris, so she reconsidered her original intention to go to Velenje today.

“It would be a lot of traveling, I would return on Thursday night. She reassessed it and decided to jump on the Prague pole, even though I had never been very successful on it, but now I do not regret it.Today I was jumping well, although we were a bit jerked with the windswept, “said Ptáčníková, who has already jumped 446 cm at the Prague pole.” I finally broke it, “she said.

German Martina Strutz, former vicem The world and Europe, had a misfortune today: at the race twice broke the rod, which is a rarity, but the second ended at 460 cm.She had just taken Pentatec’s centimeter record of the meeting in 2011 and then at a height of 477 cm unsuccessfully attempted to overcome her own Czech record.

On the Palac square in front of Rudolfinum the Ptačníkka jumped better than on Wenceslas Square, where One exception was held by all the races. “It’s not uphill, which is a huge advantage for me, I can not do it downhill,” she said.

Even though Ptáčníková’s second career performance is written in historical tables, he takes it with reserve, Flexible construction. “Performance is a bit better.But I’m glad I tried harder rods and higher heights and I’ll see what’s going to happen to me at a stadium that does not allow it so much. But it’s better for self-esteem, I feel better, “she said.

Kudlička has made a hitch to overcome the national high, which recently created just Balner jump over 582 cm in Baku, but the competition did not go far. He was struggling for the first time because he was not used to jump on a springboard in the center of the city, yet he won the fifth consecutive run for the 575 cm race, and the sixth overall, the Balner scored 565 cm. He fought.I do not know if it’s sun or training, but I’m tired, “said Kudlicka.” Jumping on the pod made me technical problems. In Pilsen, it was much better than today, “he recalled the weekend championship, where he had more hopeful attempts at record highs. But he is pleased that he stayed healthy because last year he was tired by the knee and had to cancel the start Of the Diamond League race in Paris, where this time on Friday will take off. “The world championship is at the stadium, and I have to jump high there,” Kudlička said, “I am glad to win today, to confirm the form and move on. > Men: 1. Kudlička 575, 2. Balner (both Dukla Praha) 565, 3. Arents (Lot.) 565.

Women: 1. Ptáčníková (USK Praha) 472, 2.