Nerves first runner Jusko: I looked through the hole in the hood

A bit of luck helped Radek Jusko to advance to the finals of the Indoor European Championships in Prague, where he got the first Czech athletes. Almost unable to move until the last qualification attempt, which did not manage Frenchman Kafétien Gomis, this year’s European leader. A Friday final (17.55) slipped output 779 cm merely centimeter before German Cedric Nolf.

When most favorite Gomis’s start attempt last resort, Radek Juška sitting on the ground, leaning on the rail and the head was hidden in a tracksuit jacket.

“I was looking at all the experiments, but as two-inch hole through the hood,” smiled Juška.On Sunday, twenty-two guy from training groups Josefa Karase, who in sixteen played football, made it.

I hear you on the finals purchased tickets now may come to ruin that?
(laughs) “definitely. I bought the family about fourteen petals. Until the last moment I hoped they would not have to stay at home and not have to sell tickets. I saw parents in the stands as they are impatient. Also sat with his face in his hands. Atmosphere suprová, I hope that tomorrow it will be much better even with more viewers. “

After the first qualifying series you’ve been third, but still edged the order which, when they started nerves?
“When I was in sixth place.It was me enough dálkařů who boarded with better performance. Nerves took place. I did not believe that the first attempt will proceed. I thought it was still improve. “

What did your coach, former decathlete Josef Karas, who at the decisive attempt Gomisově stood right next to you?
” Neither we did not have much words, only happiness in his eyes…”

it is satisfaction after last season, when you narrowly escaped being nominated for the European championship in Zurich?
” Hopefully, it’s lucky that I did not experience last year, when I missed a mere centimeter.Now I added one centimeter. “

How jumps in O2 arena?
” He jumps well, but one must reckon with the fact that it is on the court, so a little kick. “

it is here to jump eight meters, which is your long term goal?
(laughs)” You can. Eight out there shaking for a long time, in different races there with small Přešlapy fell should be 810. Perhaps the fall…”

Is your final dream come true?
” It’s definitely a dream come true, one hundred percent. I was in the finals, that I met.Now whatever happens, happens. “

You will be more comfortable because you will have, apart from qualifications, there are six attempts?
” I definitely quieter I have some six attempts.I am a competitor, I’m starting to jump fourth attempt, so hopefully it works out. “

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